EMEX Show Guide 2016

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Use Energy More Efficiently and Make Your Business More Profitable in Unexpected Ways

You may not know this, but E.ON are more than just a provider. We provide a range of additional energy solutions that can help you use energy more efficiently and make your business more profitable in unexpected ways. You may have completed an ESOS survey recently and you don’t know what to do next, or just starting to look at how to use your energy more efficiently, or you may have done all you can and need help to take it to the next level. Where ever you are we can help!. Join us in our seminar - Case Study: Demand Side Response and How it Can Work for you - on 16th November at 10.30 in the 'Technology & Innovation' theatres. Come and see us on stand B57


Trial the EMA LEC 1 Energy Awareness Course

Behaviour change is one of the most complex elements of energy efficiency. The EMA has created its very own LEC 1 Energy Awareness course to assist employees in understanding of the simple measures that could be taken to save energy. The EMA team would like to invite you to come along to the EMA Training Pad at Stand F15, or the EMA Networking area at EMEX on 16-17 November 2016, where you can trial elements of the course free of charge and receive more information on how you could utilise energy awareness knowledge in your organisation and reduce your energy spend.


A series of on-stand demonstrations highlight the intelligence of the latest variable-speed drive dedicated to HVAC applications.

A new variable-speed drive (VSD) dedicated to heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) applications, such as air handling units and pumps, will be unveiled by ABB at The Energy Management Exhibition (EMEX). Come and see the demo on stand D20


The Launch of Selectricity at EMEX

Selectricity , the UK’s first online marketplace to buy and sell renewable electricity, allowing companies to develop a mix which perfectly suits their business. Find out more about this exciting new platform by registering for the Selectricity Seminar, which takes place on Wednesday 16th November at 11.10 in the 'Meeting Energy Demand' theatre. Come and see us on stand D15


The Opening of the Water Retail Market

If you're unsure about market deregulation, what the risks and rewards are and how to prepare, a meeting with Waterscan will be one of the most valuable 15 minutes you spend at EMEX 2016. Book a consultation and  come and see us on stand G24.


Earn New Revenue Streams from Demand Side Response (DSR)

Reactive Technologies, winner of the Frost & Sullivan 2016 European Energy Management Company of the Year Award, invite you to a seminar on how to get CFO buy-in for DSR with Reactive Technologies'CEO Marc Barrett at 15.10 on Nov 17th. Come and see us on stand E35


How to Procure Solar Electricity

Choosing solar electricity as part of an energy mix gives businesses the perfect long-term hedging strategy against rising costs in a volatile energy market – with a direct source of cheaper, renewable electricity, whilst improving green credentials. No capital investment or property allocation is required from businesses considering procuring solar electricity from Lightsource as part of their overall energy strategy. Lightsource CEO Nick Boyle will be taking part in a panel session entitled The Future of Renewable Energy, on Thursday 17th November at 12.30 in the 'Technology and Innovation' Theatre. Come and see us on stand G10


Network Charging Policy – The Small Print

An insightful seminar looking at the key rules and regulations underpinning DUoS (Distribution Use of System) charges – typically 20 to 25% of the electricity bill. Learn about how the regulation is set and amended, opportunities and risks for your energy users, and get an update on recent and current changes and how they could impact you. With Martin Chitty, Director of Energy Analysis at PCMG 16th November 2016 at 15:45 in the 'Meeting Energy Demand' theatre. Come and see us on stand B27


Are you burning money on your estate without realising it?

Across the UK, a large number of old, energy guzzling transformers are wasting thousands of pounds in completely avoidable energy wastage every year. The Wilson e2 transformer product already exceeds Eco Design specifications planned for 2021. It therefore achieves unrivalled lifetime savings in energy costs with surprisingly quick paybacks for both new build and capital replacement projects. To find out if your site could benefit join our MD Erika Wilson for an informative session in the 'Technology and Innovation' theatre on Wednesday 16th November at 15:45. Come and see us on stand C28


Lighting, the Logical Start Point for any Energy Retrofit Project

Lighting typically consumes 30% of the energy in a building and by retrofitting a building with the latest LED and controls technology can typically reduce this by 80% with a payback time of <3 years. New business models such as lighting as a Service, EMC and financing mean that a typical lighting retrofit project can now be done CAPEX neutral by financing it from the energy savings. This however is only the beginning. To find out what's next, join Bastiaan De Groot for an informative session in the 'Technology and Innovation' theatre on Wednesday 16th November at 12:30. Come and see us on stand C40


How to Win an Investment Approval from your Board

Many companies struggle to create compelling business cases for large investment in Energy Reduction projects. The Ignite team has been helping clients for over 20 years to provide proof of concept and financial justification that can be seen directly in client P&Ls which in turn gives Board members faith in the deliverable outcomes of investment in Energy Efficiency. Join our case study seminar featuring Pets at Home in the 'Energy Management as a Professsion' theatre on Thursday 17th November at 10:30. Come and see us on stand E26


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