The need to cut costs is common place, and something energy managers, engineers and facilities personnel have to manage on behalf of their organisations whilst ensuring operations remain consistent.

Maintenance and energy consumption represent by far the two most significant costs throughout the life of a pump. So ensuring they have the right equipment and set up for the operation / job is paramount to ensuring energy efficiency can be achieved.

The right pumps, with the right drives, compressors, and system set ups, can achieve significant energy savings, and that is exactly what our community want to achieve.

So if you serve the industrial, food, hospitality, healthcare, education and similar industries then EMEX is the place to be. You can meet energy management professionals whose job it is to improve the energy performance of their organisations within these sectors.

We want to ensure that these attending organisations choose BPMA members products and services and so with the support of the BPMA we welcome you to exhibit at this years EMEX event, and until 5th July 2017 can receive a 12.5% discount from the published rate card.

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